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The Performance Group: Print Management, Warehouse Services & Document Management Company


Customers come to us for many reasons. Some are just looking to change print vendors; some want the job of print management “done right”, some hear about our quality standards, while others are looking for a new way to solve old problems.

In most cases, we have been able to meet or exceed your initial expectations.

Over the years, we have also discovered a common, very important quality about each business manager or owner that we work with. Each one, regardless of the size of their company, is focused on one important item… their bottom-line!


Controlling costs is an important issue for you, but perhaps never more important than in today’s unpredictable market. “Just in time” has assumed a predominant role in many areas in the supply chain. Automated technologies are faster, smaller and more powerful, while competition has never been fiercer.

Our mission is to help you increase productivity, reduce your overhead and improve efficiencies by providing you a proven, client-tailored planned purchasing program that manages the design, purchasing, storage, inventory control and distribution of your printing, marketing and promotional items.

Performance Group, Inc. provides the highest quality client-oriented products and services backed up by a team of responsive support professionals.


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