3 Print Marketing Trends for 2019

3 Print Marketing Trends for 2019

What does your business have in store for 2019? If you’re looking to up your marketing game and make deeper connections with more customers and prospects, now is the time to start thinking about strategies for your business’ marketing in the new year.

Brand new or tried and true, we’ve put together a list of print marketing trends that will help your business make connections in 2019.

Drive digital engagement with print.

We’ve talked about how, in the digital age, people still trust print more. But that doesn’t mean that businesses don’t need to consider their digital strategy. One trend we’re likely to see a lot more of in 2019 is using print marketing to drive digital engagement. One way to do that is by printing a QR code on your printed marketing materials that, when scanned, sends the person to a specialized landing page on your website. This is a great way to get people engaged with your website and social media, sign up for your email list, or to claim a special offer for your product or service.

Surprise and delight with color and texture.

We know that the reasons why people still have a deep inherent trust of print advertising is largely because of its tactile qualities. And quality matters. Think about the feel of a phone book or newspaper versus the feel of a thick, matte finish cardstock. Both have the same advertising message on them, but which do you trust more? When investing in print advertising, spending a little extra to get high quality material makes a difference in the end. Another element that makes an immediate and obvious impact? Color. Choose a bold, distinctive color palette that communicates something about your brand and you’ll be rewarded with increased engagement.

Reward engagement with value-adds.

People like engaging with printed marketing materials. But, they like it a lot more when it includes some significant value-add that will make a difference in their lives. Don’t fall into the trap of treating marketing like a one-way street. You want to get your message across, but you’ll find your message being received a lot more often if you provide something of value for your customer. That could be a discount, it could be an opportunity to win something, or it could be some valuable information or entertainment. What that value-add looks like will vary based on what your business does, but it’s something very important to consider as you plan your print marketing for 2019.


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