3 Steps to a Compelling Elevator Pitch

3 Steps to a Compelling Elevator Pitch

As a business owner or stakeholder, you’re likely well aware of the elevator pitch. It’s that little 30 second speech where, whether in an elevator or not, you hope to get a stranger interested enough in your business to become a customer or at least a prospect.

But what makes an elevator pitch compelling and more than just a run of the mill sales pitch? What would make a stranger more likely to remember you and your business and use your product themselves, or recommend it to a friend in need? We’ve identified three steps to help you do just that as you’re out there in the world.

Make a connection.

You’ve met a lot of people in your life and you probably can’t remember all of them today. So, what makes an interaction memorable? It starts with a simple, authentic connection. When you meet someone, look them in the eye and give them a firm handshake. Be genuinely interested in their name and ask to hear their pitch. Once you’ve shown genuine interest in a person and their story, they will be much more likely to want to listen to what you have to say and to remember it afterwards.

Solve a real problem.

Once it’s time for you to give your pitch, you want to try to frame your product or service in terms of the problem it solves. So, here at Performance Group, we don’t necessarily talk about selling branded paper and promotional print products. We talk about saving businesses time and money with our streamlined print management solution, PRINTLink. People will certainly understand if you talk about your product or service directly, but they are more likely to make a connection if you connect it to a real need that they or someone they know might actually have.

Leave something memorable behind.

After you’ve made your pitch, you need to leave them with something to remember you by. We’ve written before about some branded promotional products that can be innovative alternatives to standard business cards, but even a well designed, sharp looking business card will do the job. So whether you want to carry around a small stack of business cards or a pocket full of golf ball markers, you need to have something on you that will solidify the conversation you’ve just had. Make sure to remind them of your name and tell them you enjoyed speaking with them.

If you can do these 3 things every time you go to make your “elevator pitch,” you will almost certainly make meaningful connections and earn more customers for your business. Want to learn more about how Performance Group can streamline your business? Click here to learn about our offerings.