2017 Poster Trends That Catch the Eye

2017 Poster Trends That Catch the Eye

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How can you catch the eye of potential customers with physical paper products in the digital world? Posters offer plenty of opportunities that digital ads do not – size, placement and shape, for starters. Posters can be as big as you want, unconstrained by a digital screen of other ads. They can be placed anywhere and offer unique options for catching people’s attention when they least expect it. Posters can take on any shape and don’t have to fit in the small square of, say, Facebook ads. Below we will look at some poster advertising trends for 2017. These trends can assist in garnering attention for your product or company.


Keep Calm and Carry On, a British WWII propaganda poster, is often referred to as the British I <3 NY slogan – a phrase that wound up pervading every medium from t-shirts to stickers. Well, since the year 2000, when bookstore owners decided to begin printing them en masse for a new generation, the trend has taken off and become an internet meme across the globe. It’s not stopping anytime soon, and that’s good news for marketing because it’s such a recognizable meme that you can tweak it for any business. Use it for anything like KEEP CALM and GOLF HERE, or KEEP CALM and DONATE NOW, or KEEP CALM and SHOP ON… you get the idea!

Mix your KEEP CALM slogan with another bold trend this year – gold foil embossed lettering. It shimmers in the light. With letters pressed into the paper (embossed), you’ll begin to see people run their fingers across the page. What a great way to get individuals to interact with your poster advertising!

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Don’t think so square (pun intended)

Posters were traditionally the size of a printing screen, so people could make multiple posters before digital printers existed. Today, anything can be laser cut, so you have to ask yourself, why am I hanging rectangular posters? You can make a poster simply of your logo, and it will pop with a great cut. The ideas are endless.


Minimalism doesn’t mean boring. Fonts can still be bright, big and bold. Click To Tweet

Minimalist fonts and sparse text

Bold, simple, readable fonts are big this year. For example, take the minimalism of the KEEP CALM and CARRY ON poster.

Google recently simplified their logo, making it a sans serif font, easily readable and bolder. Minimalism doesn’t mean boring, necessarily; the fonts can still be bright, big and bold, it’s just means the lettering doesn’t use too many embellishments.

Hand-illustrated images

If you are planning on using illustration in your poster advertising, consider drawing it. Some worry that it looks unprofessional, but consider how many internationally-respected businesses use hand-drawn illustrations to make their point clear. You don’t have to be (or hire) a professional illustrator, necessarily. Consider the popular file-sharing site, Dropbox, who always use hand-drawn illustrations to accompany its content. Could you draw something like that?

Their illustrations are no Picassos, but viewers easily understand them. Besides, these illustrations offer a personalized quality to your brand, as well as a bit of feel-good nostalgia that evokes trust in your product or company.

Real images vs stock photos

Another trend is the end of stock images in posters advertising. Like the personalization of hand-drawn graphics, consumers are looking to see what your company is really all about. Even if your photography isn’t as perfect as stock images, people will get a better sense of who you are when seeing a unique image than something generic. Take Instagram photos around your office or of your logo or letterhead and print them on a poster. This makes you seem more transparent, personable and individualistic.

Duotones with loud colors are totally 2017

The louder and the brighter, the better for 2017. Duotones are two-toned images with a unique style of spot coloring on black and white images. The above Spotify poster uses different duo-tones. They also use the minimalist text discussed above. Websites are also indulging in this new trend from fashion designers to brands like Adidas, MailChimp and Lois Jeans. If you are looking to turn some of your images into duotones, here is an easy tutorial.

If you want to make high-impact posters for your business, feel free to contact us over the phone at (800) 913-9015. We can talk about your poster advertising ideas and help you decide which new trend will best portray your business or product. We’ll be here for you when the designs trends change again!