4 Elements of a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

4 Elements of a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Is your business marketing balanced? Or are you putting all of your eggs in one basket? While many businesses have preferences for where they like to place their marketing dollars, the truth is that a balanced approach produces the most well-rounded and stable results. That means a healthy mix of digital and print.

One of the most effective means of print marketing is direct mail. Have you considered undertaking a direct mail campaign this year? If not, here are 4 good reasons why you should.

Targeted lists.

While digital tools boast some pretty big claims about how accurate their targeting is, there’s also evidence that that targeting isn’t always as exact as business owners would like it to be. Digital ads also have a high likelihood of getting passed over very quickly. When you embark on a direct mail campaign, you buy a targeted list of the exact kinds of people you want to target. If you’re a divorce lawyer, you can target people who are recently divorced. If you operate a lawn care business, you can target homeowners in specific zip codes. Targeted lists make sure you are spending your money to reach the right people.

Something you can hold on to.

Have you read our blog about how people trust print advertising today more than they trust digital? It’s true. A big part of the reason why is because print provides you with something tangible that you can fold up, take with you, put on the refrigerator, or show to a friend. There’s also the fact that people today are desensitized after years of being constantly being bombarded by online ads. Many would argue they have lost a lot of their meaning and effectiveness. While most of us still get junk mail at the house, that doesn’t mean that every piece of direct mail is junk. Far from it, in fact.

An offer they can’t refuse.

Arguably the most important part of an effective direct mail marketing campaign is providing something that caters to the immediate needs or desires of your audience. This is where the targeted lists really come in handy. The more attractive (and relevant) an offer you make, the more likely you are to see the kind of conversions you are looking for. So, if you are going to invest in a direct mail marketing campaign, go big! Be willing to make a great offer with the knowledge that it will attract more customers and ultimately, those customers will become repeat customers, spread the word about you, and help grow your business.

Striking visuals.

Finally, you won’t get as many conversions as you could if you provide a great offer with less than inspiring visual qualities. In fact, good use of space, bold fonts, and distinctive colors could be the difference between your direct mail marketing bringing you a new customer or getting placed in the trash. If you are going to spend the time and money to do a direct mail marketing campaign, make sure you invest in the quality of what you send. Hire a professional designer and work with a print management specialist like Performance Group to ensure the quality of the direct mail pieces you receive is in line with the goods and services you offer.


So, are you inspired to embark on a direct mail marketing campaign? If you’d like to discover how Performance Group’s full-color marketing materials can give you the professional look you need to get conversions, get started here. If you want to get in touch with us to discuss your printing needs, get in touch with us here.