5 Innovative Ideas for Print Advertising

5 Innovative Ideas for Print Advertising

We already know that people trust print advertising more than digital ads, and there are a lot of good reasons why. But when you are approaching your next print ad campaign, do you ever find yourself grasping at straws for a fresh idea? Do you feel tempted to repeat the same old thing you’ve done before? Don’t give in! We’re here to give you some inspiration for your next print advertising campaign.

Ready to find your next idea? Check out the 5 innovative ideas below.

Make them look twice.

If you want to make sure people can’t look away from your ad and remember it well after they’ve put it down, make an ad with a visual that dominates the page and makes your audience look twice. You can do it with a complex or intricate visual pattern or repetitive shapes and colors. If you want to shake up your advertising, think about making the audience look twice before you think about actually conveying your message.


If you really have a point to make, don’t just say it once. Repeat it twice, three, even four, five, or six times. Repetitive words, especially in a bold font, definitely catch the eye and get your point across. Sometimes when you are searching for a new idea, you just need to keep it simple.

Tug on the heartstrings.

Depending on what you are selling or promoting, appealing to people’s emotions can be the best way to catch and keep an audience’s attention. From joy to sorrow, when an emotion connects with a product or service, it can make a powerful connection with your audience.

Go monochrome.

Don’t underestimate the power of simplicity. Using a one or two color print ad is often enough to catch your audience’s eye. As with repetition, sometimes when you are at a loss for a new idea, you may go the wrong way and get lost in a sea of complexity. If you are tempted to do that, we recommend you go simpler and bolder and see how you like it.

Show what you’re made of.

This idea is all about intimacy and information. The more honest you can be and the more real information you can reveal about your business, the more attractive people are likely to find you. Whether you are advertising the key ingredients that make up your product or the core values that make your company what it is, being proud about who you are and what you are made of can be a great strategy for print advertising.

We hope this blog has sparked a few ideas for your next print advertising campaign! If you want to explore even more ideas, check out this article. If you would like to learn more about how Performance Group can help your business streamline its printing process, click here.