5 Pieces You Need to Market Your New Business

5 Pieces You Need to Market Your New Business

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and become your own boss. Congratulations! Being a business owner can be both gratifying and frustrating to a level that few other things can compare to. One of the most important things to understand is that “if you build it, they will come” does not always ring true. You need to market your business, and do so in a way that is sharp and professional.

In order to save you some of the frustration that can occur for new business owners, we’ve put together a quick guide of the 5 essential pieces of marketing materials that you will need to effectively market your new venture. Read on to find out what we recommend.

Business cards

Even before you open the doors, your new business doesn’t become real until you have a business card to prove it. While you’ll be talking up your new venture all over town, word of mouth isn’t enough. You need to have something tangible to hand out to people so that they can reach out to you if they ever need to, or relay your contact information to a friend or acquaintance that might be in a unique position to need it. A business card also gives you the opportunity to communicate a little bit about who your company is. Don’t leave home without them!


It’s important to consider the experience you will provide in your offices or your brick and mortar location. It’s not enough to just open the doors. Let people know where they are! Distinctive signage, whether it’s promoting a sale or just a sign that says you’re open, is crucial to building a brand that is recognizable and trustworthy.


Today, people do their research online before committing to a sale. Even the most simple products are subject to an internet search by prospective buyers. If you want to make sure your new business isn’t completely disregarded in the very first stage of the buying process, invest in a high quality website right away. When people do their preliminary internet search, you want to impress. These days, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to have a professional website made. If you choose to wait, you’re losing business in those crucial early days.

Social Media

Social media goes hand in hand with your website. It’s where many people do their first search to learn about your company. Even if you aren’t personally into social media, it’s important to maintain a presence there for your business. Posting a few times a week is enough so that when people come to check in on you, they know you are actually a real business that is open and ready for customers.

Promotional Products

Back to the real world now. In a time when internet ads are becoming less effective, one of the most enduring ways to market your new business is with promotional products printed with your logo. Products like pens, stress balls, notepads, and many more can serve a real purpose in people’s lives and can lead to a lasting memory associated with your business. Having this kind of lasting memory from the very beginning is a huge benefit for a new business.

Though this is not an exhaustive list of everything you will need to get your new business marketing off the ground, it’s a great start. Remember that the best marketing today is a mix of print and digital. And remember that having a partner like Performance Group that can help you simply and easily manage all of your printing needs can really take a lot of weight off your overburdened shoulders. So, what can we help you with? Get in touch with us today.