5 Ways to Track Customer Engagement with Printed Mailers

5 Ways to Track Customer Engagement with Printed Mailers

Printed mailers aren’t the fastest or the cheapest but consumers prefer and trust direct mail more than most high tech interactions. Printed mailers create a tangible experience that the internet can’t give. In a world that is consumed with nonstop emails and annoying notifications, the physical offers have the most meaning. The best part? There are ways to see how your customers are responding to your printed mailers. Keep reading for 5 ways to track customer engagement with printed mailers. 

Exchange Mailer for a Perk

Allowing your customers to bring in their mailer for their own benefit is a great way to track their engagement. The perk could be a discount, a tangible item, or even reward points for your loyalty program. After the campaign is sent out, you can physically see how many people bring in the mailer. 

Call to Action

A call to action (CTA) on your mailer will also help track performance. A call to action is a statement that gives direction to the consumer. Two common CTAs are “Visit our website” and “Call Now”. When you add these statements to your mailer, you should be paying attention to the number of leads visiting your website or how often your phone rings during the day. 

Offer Code

This is the simplest way to track engagement. When you include coupons and promo codes on your printed mailers, more customers will make sure they take advantage of them. When you include the codes or coupons, make sure they are easily identified to your company. This way you know these deals came from your mailers. The more codes you see being used, the better the performance. 

Landing Page

Just like the customer coupon codes, you can create a landing page for each offer you provide. After it has been created, you will be able to tell who has visited and ordered from the page. You can also add in QR codes for your consumers to scan and instantly guide them to the landing page. This method is cost-effective and also quick to set up

Phone Call

When your company is sending out mail pieces, your business should be paying attention to incoming calls. Not every person in your target market will reach for the computer when it comes to your printed mailers. Some customers like to pick up the phone to find out more information about coupons. Using a trackable phone number may make it easier to track performance. Need help setting one up? We’ve got you covered. 

Response rates are important marketing metrics for any business. Creating ways that your company can track them is even more important. Use the methods above to measure the engagement for your printed mailers. To learn more about Performance Group’s print management services, click here.