7 Thoughtful Gifts for Your Employees That Aren’t Gift Cards

7 Thoughtful Gifts for Your Employees That Aren’t Gift Cards

No one is going to complain about a gift card, but they also aren’t going to talk about it, share it, bring it to a meeting or carry it around. Get creative with your company gifts this year. You don’t have to choose between being promotional and being thoughtful with these 7 employee or client gift ideas from Performance Group…

1Company Logo Ornaments

Your Christmas tree is full of decorative memories, and by giving a company logo ornament for Christmas, you’re adding a special memory to your employees’ and clients’ holidays for years to come. You work hard at offering a great place to work, and this token will be a reminder of your employee’s time with your organization, well after retirement.


26-Tiered Holiday Brilliance Tower

This gift is no small token. The 6-tiered Holiday Brilliance Tower not only says “thank you” with a gorgeous presentation, but what’s inside really drives home the fact that this is a valued employee or client. You’ll be giving them something elegant to put in front of holiday guests and family.


3Acrylic & Stainless Steel Tumbler and Travel Mug Gift Set

At Performance Group, we love to take any opportunity we can to get your name out there! So, we enjoy customizing quality products that people will actually use, like this travel mug gift set. Don’t just slap your name on a cheap, plastic tumbler, you’ll be sending the wrong message.


4Majestic Nutcracker Tower

We love the retro holiday look of the Majestic Nutcracker Tower. You can’t receive a gift like this and not smile. Skip the tin this year, and step it up a notch with quality food and presentation. With four tiers of deliciousness, there is something for everyone. The perfect gift for clients or employees who might be entertaining for the holidays.


5Deluxe Executive Padfolio

Want a gift they can take to work? This is the perfect professional present for anyone who wants to stay organized and looking sharp. Give your employees an opportunity to sleekly represent your company brand with this customized padfolio.


6Shelf-Stable Wisconsin Variety Package with Bamboo Cutting Board

Are sweets a little too casual for this gift? This meats and cheeses package with customized bamboo cutting board is your go-to choice for those upscale gift needs, at a surprisingly reasonable price. Again, this is a great present for clients or employees entertaining over the holidays, but the customized cheese board will be around all year long.

7Mobile Device Charger w/Gift Box

This is your lower budget crowd pleaser! We live on our cellular devices now. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, we’re constantly needing to plug in and charge up. This power bar allows for on-the-go charging. Again, we like this product because it is so incredibly useful. When your client or employee pulls this powerbar out with your company logo on it, it starts conversation. Thoughtful, useful gift AND a wonderful branding tool.

There is plenty more where this list came from in our catalogue. Click here to see the entire catalogue with over 25 categories.

We have endless gift ideas at a variety of costs. There is something for every company size and budget. Need help placing your order or have any questions? Just give us a call. Happy Holidays from Performance Group!