Are You Using the Right Printer?

Are You Using the Right Printer?

Choosing vendors for your business isn’t always an easy task. When it comes to selecting a print company, there are a lot of choices out there that can make your decision more difficult than you anticipated. You want to make sure you get high quality products at a good price. Your investment in your marketing materials is important to your business and can leave a lasting impression on your customers. You want to make sure you choose the right printer! We’ll discuss some common traps that businesses often fall into when selecting their printer. We’re here to help you avoid them!

First, many people are bargain shoppers – who doesn’t love a great deal? However, when it comes to your printing services, you shouldn’t choose a printer based on price alone. If their price is based off of low-quality materials or shoddy printing techniques, those will reflect upon you to your customers and prospects. You want to make sure that they are the total package: great price, quality, and service! Read their reviews to ensure that they provide great service to their loyal customers and that their products stand up to your business’s needs.

Secondly, not all printers are created equal. You’ll want to be armed with the following questions before you decide: What type of printing do they do? (Long-Form, Digital, Short-Form, Off-Set?) Are they locally owned, a small business, or just a copy shop? Can they provide samples of their work? What kind of turnaround do they offer? What type of equipment do they have? Their answers to your questions will help you decide if they are the right fit for your company. If they are too afraid to answer your questions, you’ll want to make sure you find a printer who isn’t!

You might think it is a good idea to use a few companies for different needs, right? Well, that can ultimately be a detriment to your print budget. Imagine having an employee who has to manage their time between working with 3 or more different print companies to suit your needs! It is a waste of time and budget, especially when loyalty goes a long way! Loyal customers will get the royal treatment on their job requests. We offer one of the broadest product lines of any print management company in the area. With five different divisions of our company, we offer our customers a complete single source for their entire business product needs.

There are plenty of large, online print options that might seem especially convenient for a small business. While the convenience factor is there, you should be cautious when working with an online print agency. The burden of error falls on you, so you’ll have to know that the files you submitted were correct and be familiar with all of the materials and inks you’d like for your job. You also have to pay up front and if there is an error, it is much more difficult to have it corrected than if you choose to work with a brick and mortar print company. We have a convenient ordering system without the headache of trying to work with one of the “big guys.”  PRINTLink – our print management platform is a systematic process of increasing productivity, improving workflow, eliminating errors, ordering and managing the distribution of your business essential products.

Finally, be sure that the company you choose can guarantee their work. Will they honor their work? Who will fix the mistakes? At Performance Group, we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are unhappy with your print project, you can return it and get your choice of a refund, credit, or a replacement. We would be honored to be your print partner.