B2B Sales: Print Marketing Matters

B2B Sales: Print Marketing Matters

B2B sales has long had the connotations of being “dry” or “boring.” But, if you’re in charge of sales and marketing or you own a company that lives and dies by the sales it makes to other businesses, boring is probably the last word you’d use. Because you don’t sell direct to consumers, you might not always think about attractive, professional printed marketing materials as a key part of your selling strategy.

Well, we’re here to tell you why you absolutely should. Regardless of what kind of product or service you provide, you’re missing out on significant sales and increased market share if you are settling for cheap, boring branded print materials. Read on to find out why.

Words and Numbers are Inadequate.

While fact sheets jam-packed with words and numbers used to do the job in many cases, that’s just not so anymore. While you’ll always want to present the relevant statistics and metrics that show the effectiveness of your product, you also want to present something that is attractive to the eye and sturdy to the touch. You want to draw your prospect in with the visual quality of what you put in front of them.

Utilize Space and Color.

Two of the best ways to draw in the eye of a viewer and have it move across the entire page are space and color. Instead of filling up the entire page with a big block of text or a monotonous line of bullet points or graphs, make room for negative space and draw the eye to the most important and impressive parts of your pitch with bold splashes of color and increased size of text. Simply utilizing space in a purposeful way can have a big impact on the reaction of your prospect.

Don’t Overcomplicate Things.

One of the worst things you can do is overcomplicate things, especially in print. Hit the key points and highlight your major selling points, but going above and beyond with fancy language or technical jargon could be overwhelming or confusing. In this day and age, people want fast access to the information they need to inform the decision. Any additional expertise can come from you, the human behind the sales process. After all, sales is all about making a connection with the needs of the person on the other end.

Selling After the Sale.

Every piece of printed marketing material or promotional product that you leave with a prospect is a reminder of who your company is. In this way, you are always selling, even after that sales call is over. If you want to leave a great impression and a lasting memory, professionally printed materials are a must.

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