Custom Stationery is a Business Must-Have!

Custom Stationery is a Business Must-Have!

In this age of emails, receiving a physical letter is more and more rare. Since email can be inexpensive and convenient, it’s easy to forget about using physical mailings. But, we know that 70% of people believe that mail is more personal than email. Direct mail marketing is still a relevant way to reach out to your consumers, but we often think of postcards or flyers as these important printed pieces. But, have you considered using personalized stationery for many of your business needs? Business stationery, including envelopes, can be an important way for customers to identify your company and be used as a marketing tool. It can express professionalism and even catch the eye of new customers and bring them to your business!

Many marketing budgets might not think to include custom stationery, but this crucial marketing item is one simple way to show your business’s professionalism and help your brand stand out. It may seem like a little thing to include, but your customers will notice and appreciate the little things you do to help keep your company healthy and your customers happy. It can help to show that you’ve made an investment in your brand and plan to grow your brand’s awareness. It can illustrate your company’s professionalism and create a visual and lasting buzz about your brand.

Custom stationery also helps to reinforce your brand image. Your logo is the recognizable face of your company. Help spread awareness of your logo and branding by using stationery for business correspondence, direct mail pieces and even thank-you notes to your current customers. When you are corresponding with other businesses and potential new clients, your stationery will allow you to network. Stationery is a great way to introduce people to your company – one that has a high-quality look and feel will help create a feeling of consistency and professionalism.

Since new and growing businesses are constantly communicating with potential customers, leaving behind business cards and using stationery that have a consistent image is an important aspect to creating a lasting impression. Your stationery can and should be a part of your overall promotional marketing items – the logo and look should be the same on your pens, mugs, hats, shirts, notepads, and business cards. Your logo should capture the allure and mission of your company. It should be memorable and your stationery should be high-quality.

When working on your company’s logo and marketing materials the first things that usually come to mind are business cards and pens. But, a custom stationery can help to secure that professional image you want your business to convey. Performance Group has a full line-up of high quality business stationery. Use our PrintLink services to order yours!