Digital and Print Marketing: Work Together to Make an Impact

Digital and Print Marketing: Work Together to Make an Impact

If you’ve developed a marketing campaign for your business in the last few years, it likely involved a blast email, social media post, or digital ad. The internet has allowed for unique and inexpensive channels for advertisers. Compared to “traditional” marketing, digital marketing’s reach and results can be easily measured, making it very appealing to businesses of all sizes. Because digital campaigns tend to be cheaper and easier, many businesses choose digital marketing over traditional and print marketing. But, why must we choose one instead of the other? Why not develop a campaign that marries the two?

Marketers agree that the most effective campaigns find the right mix of traditional strategies and new school digital media to maximize their reach and nurture their brand. When the two work together as part of a complete marketing strategy, online and offline marketing strategies can support and enhance the other. If you’ve been spending your time and energy on strictly online ideas, we can help remind you how you can make the connection between your online and offline marketing.

Learning the benefits of traditional marketing can help you decide how best to implement the your online and offline marketing. Firstly, 70% of Americans believe mail is more personal than the internet. Compare how you feel when you receive a handwritten letter in the mail versus when you receive an email–you know it took more time and attention and it gives you a feeling of importance when you notice the tiny details they added just for you. Your audience can recognize that effective print materials take more time and effort to customize than a digital ad. Direct mail is still an effective lead generating tool and can drive your audience to your website or social media.

A direct mail piece can also be a great way to garner attention. Since almost everyone is living in the digital space, it can be difficult to get customers to notice you. The internet is cluttered with pop-ups, banner ads, and promoted material. In order to stand out from the crowd, you can develop a unique direct mail piece to get your audience’s attention. If you don’t think a direct mail piece will do enough to get the attention your business deserves, promotional giveaways and products are also very effective to stand out in the crowded digital world. A promotional product can stand the test of time and increase your brand recognition. You can cross-promote your business by implementing a promotional product giveaway and encourage people to share their use of the product on your social media sites.

If you struggle to come up with ideas to merge your online and offline campaigns, simply remind yourself that your print materials should be a driver to your digital materials. Remind yourself that a digital campaign is instantaneous, while a print campaign can be lasting. Print media can conjure a greater emotional response, but digital marketing is cost-effective. If you recognize that both arenas have great benefits for your business, you’ll start to see how you can combine the channels to maximize your marketing efforts. As always, Performance Group is here to help you with any of your offline marketing needs.