Direct Mail Isn’t Dead

Direct Mail Isn’t Dead

Some things never go out of style because they just work. In the world of marketing, that timeless classic is direct mail. Even in the internet age, direct mail marketing still has the greatest impact on customers and prospects, helping improve brand awareness and strengthen the bond between business and consumer.

Whether it’s a business to business relationship or business to consumer, a marketing strategy that includes high-quality direct mail marketing converts better than one that doesn’t. Let’s take a look at some of the proven reasons why direct mail is so effective today.

Direct mail is targetable.

Today, it is possible to take a very specific and targeted approach to direct mail marketing. Rather than wasting resources sending your marketing materials to countless people who aren’t in your target audience, you can use today’s sophisticated targeting services to ensure that the people who receive your marketing materials are in your target market.

Direct mail is personal.

Today’s direct mail targeting technologies also mean it’s easy to make your marketing materials personal. Instead of simply addressing it to “current resident” or “valued customer,” you can use the person’s actual name. This makes the customer or prospect feel more valued right away and increases the chance that they will engage with you going forward.

Direct mail breaks through the digital chaos.

While digital marketing is a part of most marketing strategies today, the sheer amount of marketing messages that the average internet user encounters on a daily basis means that getting noticed and actually getting traction with online marketing is easier said than done. Direct mail, on the other hand, comes right to your door and is something you touch and that can actually hold your attention.

Direct mail inspires trust.

As a result of the fact that direct mail is targetable, personal, and tangible, it inspires trust in customers and prospects more than virtually any other type of marketing can. While digital marketing gets a lot of attention these days, the fact that the internet creates such an overwhelming environment actually makes print marketing more effective. When there’s something tangible with a targeted and personalized message, people are more likely to take action.

Direct mail ROI is trackable.

The good news is you don’t have to guess whether your direct mail marketing campaign is working or not. By using tools like designated phone numbers, landing pages, QR codes, or discount codes, you can get a strong idea of how well your campaign is converting and tailor your campaigns going forward based on what you learn.

Now that you know why direct mail marketing is so effective today, learn about some of the most important elements of a direct mail marketing campaign. If you could use some assistance getting the most out of your next direct mail marketing campaign, get in touch with Performance Group today.