Direct Mail Marketing is Here to Stay!

Direct Mail Marketing is Here to Stay!

Direct Mail is Here to Stay!

Remember a time when people were so worried that email would replace the hand written letter? Well, they were mostly right. People see letter writing as an art-form and those who receive a card in the mail are often delighted at the “old-fashioned” manner of delivery. As a print company, Performance Group takes pride in creating and managing mail pieces, even during an age when experts claimed not too long ago that “direct mail is dying”. As recent as 2009, marketing companies were certain that direct mail was never, ever coming back for reasons such as “people don’t like it” or “it’s too expensive”. The push was for digital marketing – it was the bright, new, shiny object that could be done quickly and cheaply. The internet has changed how we view mail; however, there is a recent swing back to print marketing. Direct Mail is not dead! Here’s why:

1. People today are inundated with digital marketing.

A recent study found that in the US, online ads garnered a 0.10% click through rate. While digital marketing campaigns might have a huge reach, a tiny percentage of people are actually seeing and engaging in the add. In comparison, 42% of recipients at least scan direct mail pieces. The numbers are quite impressive: An article by Goodman (2016) explains that if you executed a direct mail campaign to 10,000 targets and achieved a 1% return, that is 100 new customers! In order to achieve that same return with digital marketing, you’d have to reach 3,035,700 targets! In fact, a 1% on direct mail is being a little modest. The Direct Mail Association estimates that the response is closer to 2-6%.

At the birth of email and its gain in popularity, getting an email was special. In today’s world, people receive, on average 87 emails a day, most of it considered to be SPAM. In fact, most people have filters on their emails to send these types of messages to their trash, never even seeing the hard work you put into that pretty banner ad or email layout. Direct mail gets a much better response than digital ads!

2. Digital marketing is not that much cheaper!
When you think about the spend you’d need to reach those 3 million people to get 100 new customers, the costs start to add up. Direct mail can be done just as inexpensively using new services that reduce postage rates or a Print Management service that reduces printing and overhead costs like with Performance Group. Often times, the size of your piece can cut costs, too. Post card sized pieces are often less expensive to design and print.

3. Direct mail pieces stand alone
Say you are that person who receives 87 emails a day. If you had the time to open each email, you’d be inundated with colors, flashing ads, pop-ups, links. You’d like open the “important” emails and trash the rest. That is, if you even check your email daily. In digital marketing, even with advertising on a popular site, the target is seeing other ads, other banners and other pop-ups. In fact, 78% of people surveyed in a research study reported that pop-up ads were “very annoying”. The last thing you want to do is annoy a potential customer before you even have the chance to tell them what you are about! With a direct mail piece, they are forced to hold it in their hand, even if it is just shuffling through their other mail to sort out what to keep and what to recycle. They still see it standing alone, uncluttered from SPAM or pop-ups. Just your pretty mail piece that they are more likely to scan than open that email.

Digital marketing is a necessity. In today’s age of technology, if your business isn’t online, it might as well not exist. But, that doesn’t mean that the internet is the only way to go. Print pieces and direct mail campaigns are more effective than digital marketing alone. Direct mail is not dead and its not going away anytime soon.