Holiday Card Trends for 2016 to Make Your Office Cards Pop

Holiday Card Trends for 2016 to Make Your Office Cards Pop

Some beginning advice – Holiday cards don’t have to be red and green. In fact, the cards are more likely to stay up on someone’s corkboard all year if it is composed of mild, neutral, pleasant colors. If you often give out a calendar, don’t make the entire thing holiday themed if you want people to enjoy it all next year.


Always looking for a big reaction when someone opens your card? 3D Popup cards are still a way to get the receiver to gasp when they open it. Whether it’s winter, Christmas, Hanukkah themed or any time of year, these cards are guaranteed to stay on someone’s desk all year long.

Hand-made Illustrations

Just as many brides are opting for hand-drawn illustrations of the lovely couple for their invites, personalized holiday cards are trending now, too. Whether you get a designer to draw your shopfront on your card, or you take the extra personal touch of creating a little something yourself, the one-of-a-kind design goes a long way.

Holiday Sweater Themes

A popular design trend that is still going strong is the ugly holiday sweater. Say Thank You to your team or put your own logo or name into a holiday sweater. The more creative and personal you get, the better!

Rose Gold

One of Pantone’s colors of the year, it is a popular color this season. Rose gold is both vibrant and calming and a perfect, modern color for a holiday card. There are plenty of office products out this year like pencil holders in rose gold that can be an additional gift.

Foil-pressed Gold or Glitter

Cards with shiny gold or glitter lettering use a process using heat, pressure, and colored foil to press the letters or shapes into the paper. Some consider it the perfect “accent jewelry” for holiday cards that separate it from the discard pile of other holiday cards.


Why bother with a card at all when you can give them a gift to hang on their tree, bulletin board or rear-view mirror? Laser-cut cards are perfect ornaments, perhaps hung with a bow emblazoned with your company’s logo.


With so many options out there this year, Christmas cards aren’t just one piece of cardstock anymore. Feel free to mix ideas like a rose gold card with foil pressed glitter letters spelling “Happy Holidays.” When they open the card, they also get a photo from the holiday party or the last group photo you have.

Whatever special suprise you want to give your employees this holiday season, allow Performance Group to make it happen for you. They will be toasting you at the party if you show you care!