How Print Marketing Benefits Ecommerce

How Print Marketing Benefits Ecommerce

Your primary source of sales is online. But does that mean that your business should only exist in the digital world? For businesses that want to expand their audience and gain loyal customers, the answer is an emphatic NO. For ecommerce retailers today more than ever, print marketing is a singularly useful tool for engaging consumers and building trust and loyalty.

Why is print marketing such an effective tool for marketing ecommerce businesses? To begin with, it’s been shown that people respond more positively to print. But there are a host of other reasons why you shouldn’t overlook print in your ecommerce marketing strategy. Read on to learn why.

Expand your presence into the real world.

Think about the various ways you see brick and mortar businesses using printed materials to advertise their business. Whether it’s an insert in the newspaper, an advertisement in a magazine, or a flyer or poster at a local event, there are countless creative ways to get your business seen. This is important so that people will think of you in all sorts of scenarios, not just when they are immersed in the digital world.

When it’s tangible, it’s real.

If you have a good ecommerce site, people can get a good feel for your business and your product. A good site will build the trust it takes to get that person to buy for the first time. But when it comes to building deeper connections that foster return customers and eventually loyal brand evangelists, it takes something tangible to go that extra mile. 

Catalogs still work.

When was the last time you received a catalog and called the number to place an order? In all likelihood, it was many years ago. But, catalogs still work marketing wonders. That’s because rather than calling to place an order, they are going to their computers, phones, and tablets to view your ecommerce site and place an order there. And while millennials are still a digital generation, studies have shown they enjoy getting mail and respond positively to print marketing. In fact, when direct mail is combined with an email campaign, potential response rates increase by 26%.

Add-ons make the experience special.

If you want to make the buying experience truly unique for your ecommerce customers, you should include some customized printed materials that make the experience of opening the product surprising and fun. When that experience of opening the box becomes more than just unwrapping the product and getting rid of the packaging, people become more likely to come back again. You can’t provide that experience with digital tools!

So, while you might process the vast majority of your sales online, you should be using high quality print marketing materials to gain business in the real world as well. To learn more about how Performance Group’s print management services can benefit your ecommerce business, click here