What Makes a Great Logo?

What Makes a Great Logo?

Here at Performance Group, we handle promotional products for a lot of different businesses every day. So, we see our fair share of business logos. Ranging from remarkable to instantly forgettable, it’s amazing to think about how much of an impact your logo can make on the connections that your customers and prospects build with your brand.

With that in mind, we can’t help feeling that some brands are leaving potential business on the table in large part thanks to a logo that leaves much to be desired. In hopes that we can help encourage some businesses to be bold and go out into the world with distinctive branding, we’ve put together a quick blog that details what makes a great logo for your business.

Make it unique, especially in your industry.

You might think your logo needs to be bold, strong statement. But, if it makes the same bold statement as another player (or two, or three) in your industry, then it’s not accomplishing the task of setting you apart from the competition. Whatever type of logo you pick, make sure it’s bold, distinctive, and unique to your brand.

Make it recognizable.

You want a logo that, even if it’s seen from a distance, can be recognized. Think about Target or McDonalds. Yes, they are two of the biggest brands in the world, but you never have to look for their sign, it just pops right out at you. Whether it’s with a specific color or a shape that is uniquely you, you will greatly benefit from a logo that can be recognized instantly.

Color is key.

Color is a crucial factor when it comes to great logo design. Understanding the psychology of color can help you decide which colors make the best fit for your brand. Generally, you want to pick one or two colors and limit yourself to that. Any more and the logo starts to become too busy and to really lack that defined, singular identity that you want to convey. Pick a color that aligns with your business and industry and use it often in all of your branding materials.

Don’t forget about typography.

Some brands can do more with typography than others. It largely depends on how long and complicated the name of your company is. Take FedEx or Citi, for example. Their names are short so they can integrate their name with their colors and create a unique, memorable logo. If your name gives you this opportunity, combining unique typography with your branded colors can really help your customers and prospects remember you clearly.
We hope this blog has been helpful in providing some insights on what makes a great logo, and we hope to see your logo looking great in our shop soon! Want to explore more insights on what makes great branding? Browse our blog archive here. If there’s anything we can do for you and your company, please get in touch with us here.