Marketing Your Business During the Holidays

Marketing Your Business During the Holidays

November is here and that means that the cold weather is back and the holidays are right around the corner. While many businesses slow down around the holidays as people spend more time with family, it is also a significant opportunity to connect with customers as they buy gifts, prepare for family events, or get their business ready for the new year.

Here are 4 ideas for marketing your business during the holidays.

Organize a food or toy drive

Not all marketing activities have to do directly with your products or services. Sometimes, just leaving a positive impression is the best form of marketing there is. Especially during the holidays, people like to have their hearts warmed by doing and seeing good deeds. What better deed for a business to do during the holidays than organize a food or toy drive for those people and families who are less fortunate? You can send out an email to your customers and promote it on social media to get as many people as possible involved.

Follow the trends

You don’t have to hop on every bandwagon that comes along, but sometimes using holiday trends to market your business can be refreshing and fun. Whether it’s pumpkin spice, elf on a shelf, or any other holiday trend, getting into the spirit of the season often translates into more engagement from your customers, and hopefully, more sales!

Make an offer they can’t refuse

Speaking of sales, nothing drives holiday spending like a great deal. If you’re not offering a special holiday offer on your products or services, you’re probably missing out on a significant bump in sales and exposure. If you really want to make the holidays an ‘up’ time rather than a ‘down’ one, you need to get together with your team and come up with a holiday deal too good to pass up.

Use unique printed materials and promotional products

Marketing is all about grabbing attention and driving action. And nothing grabs attention and promotes action like professional quality printed materials and promotional products. Whether it’s a holiday card from your company, a flyer promoting that irresistible offer, or a stress ball adorned with your logo (the holidays can be stressful, too!) handing out reminders of who you are and why you are great is a valuable way to drive sales during the holidays.
We hope this blog has gotten your wheels turning and will inspire some great holiday marketing ideas for your company! If there is anything Performance Group can do to help make this holiday season your most profitable yet, get in touch with us today. We would love to help.