People Respond More Positively to Print

People Respond More Positively to Print

There was recently some very interesting research done that all business owners will want to pay attention to. While the world of digital advertising and marketing is vast and there are many exciting tools at business owners’ and marketers’ disposal, a majority of respondents to a recent survey indicated that they were more likely to pay attention to print advertising than digital. Let’s explore some of the reasons why, below.

Being constantly bombarded is annoying.

One of the biggest findings was that people are just flat out annoyed by how frequently they are being advertised to on the internet. Typically, people just want to access the information they are looking for on the internet and they don’t want to be bothered. Constant bombardment makes people less likely to engage.

People have become desensitized to online ads.

Because of the sheer frequency and variety of online ads that people are bombarded with online, they are desensitized to the messages they are being presented with. Even if they are being shown an ad for a product that might be relevant to them, they are less likely to click on it or even notice it because they are so used to ignoring ads online.

They are often not relevant.

Part of the problem with online advertising is that, though sometimes ad targeting tools are sophisticated in terms of who they target, many times they are targeting and showing the ad to the entirely wrong person. This experience of being shown irrelevant ad after irrelevant ad makes people assume that most of the ads they see aren’t even meant for them.

Print provides a stable, trusted environment that the internet can’t.

This is the bottom line here. Print ads provide an experience where the person isn’t distracted by a hundred other things. They have something in their hand that is taking up their attention and is speaking directly to them. This overall experience results in an experience that people are more likely to trust.

Overall, this research provides valuable information for marketers and business owners. While it is important to maintain an online presence for your business, it is equally important not to get caught up in its many promises. The truth is that people of all ages respond more positively to print ads because it simply provides a better, more trustworthy experience. To learn about how Performance Group can help you simplify printing for your business, get started here.