Performance Group Launches Large Format Graphics Division

Performance Group Launches Large Format Graphics Division

As the area’s print management experts, we at Performance Group are dedicated to streamlining your sales and marketing processes that require printing onto paper or other products. From making a great first impression to leaving a lasting memory, professional printing makes a big difference for any business.

That’s why we’re excited to expand our product offerings with the addition of a large format graphics division. With a wide range of large format print products available to choose from, this new product category from Performance Group will help you make sure that your business stands out wherever it goes. Read on to learn more about the products available from our large format graphics division.

Trade Show.

Trade shows are valuable opportunities to make new business connections and win new customers. But, they are also busy places with lots of competition. If you don’t stand out right away, you may not get the opportunity to make the sale. That’s why we are offering all of the products you will need to stand out on the trade show floor, from wall murals to directional signage and retractable banners.


The roadways represent valuable real estate for many different types of businesses. If you want to reach customers while they are driving, consider large format graphics in the automotive category, such as vehicle wraps, window graphics, fleet management, and more.

Corporate Marketing.

When someone enters your building, what makes more of a statement: a blank wall with a boring piece of art or a full-size wall graphic that actually says something about your business? Maybe you want some signs on the floor guiding the way to different offices or departments? Whatever your vision, large format graphics are a great way to set your business apart.

Schools and Religious Organizations.

Whether you want to add distinctive graphics to your fleet of vehicles or add wall or window clings that create an inspiring environment, Performance Group can help take the environment of your school or religious organization to the next level.

Indoors or outdoors, Performance Group’s large format graphics division has the product variety and expertise to help your organization be seen more often. To learn more about our extensive catalog of available print products, get started here. If you already have an idea in mind for how you want to utilize large format graphics for your business, give us a call today at (800) 913-9015.