Print is Far From Dead

Print is Far From Dead

You hear it all the time, “Print is dead”. Take it from a guy in the print business, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The stolen pen in your jar, the billboard you drive by every day, the reusable tote bag in your car…print is going stronger than ever. Yes, some print mediums are going the way of the dinosaur and fax machine, but there is a whole new world of print that we connect with on a daily, almost minute by minute, basis.

Promotional Materials

Coffee mugs, water bottles, chapstick, pens, tote bags and apparel are just a few of the more functional and popular promotional items that you either use or come in contact with on a daily basis. Just the other day, I was taking a drink from the water bottle I won at my local gym when someone stopped me to ask if I liked the gym and would recommend it, as they were considering joining. Those conversations matter! Those conversations turn into business. That water bottle probably cost the gym about $6 to create, but it resulted in a membership fee and a one-year contract.

Product Packaging

Whether you know it or not (or you’ll admit it or not) packaging has a serious psychological affect on our buying tendencies. Some people only consider the messaging on the package to be “print” but the whole look and feel of a packaging is print and it can be very persuasive. That persuasion starts very early on. There was a fascinating study on packaging in which children were offered an apple or a cookie for their snack. The cookie naturally won. Then, a fun sticker was placed on the apples, and two times more children chose the apple. Read more here.


Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. When you get in your car, you really don’t stop seeing signs until you’re back home. They’re everywhere and they’re all screaming for your attention. That’s why it’s so important to invest in high-quality design and materials. Placement is also key. When you’re checking out and you see the big, red, bold opportunity to save 20%, you’re going to inquire about it. Again, that sign probably cost next to nothing, but it will entice many people to sign up for a credit card, or mailing list, or to spend more to save more. It does what you can’t make sure each cashier does with each transaction, which is queuing the customer to take a desired action vital to the success of your business.

Flyers and Mailers

You still go to the mailbox every day and you still sift through each piece of mail. Flyers and mailers are just another effective print medium to get your brand and message in front of more people. Even if they throw the material away, they still saw your logo and they still read whatever message was is bold; our brains can’t help but to do so.

While social media and email are fantastic marketing mediums, print will never die. In fact, it’s just gaining momentum as we get more and more clever with branded and customizable items. You don’t reach for facebook when you’re making your to-do list, you reach for a branded pen. You don’t wet your whistle with an email, you drink from the water bottle with the logo and phone number on it. Heck, you probably even charge your phone with a branded car port. Want to talk about how you can use print to get the word out about your business? Let’s talk!