Print Management Technology Reduces Printing Costs

Print Management Technology Reduces Printing Costs

There are hundreds of moving parts in any business, and print management is one of those many. Print management might seem like a very small part; a part that doesn’t get much attention. It’s just one of those things that no one has the time to dive into, optimize and figure out where company resources are going. If we take a step back and consider how many of these seemingly small moving parts we leave unchecked and managed with antiquated, inefficient systems, the end result is a significant waste of time, money and overall company resources.

When print management isn’t a priority, no one can be sure just how much is being spent, and for that matter, just how much the company could potentially save. Print costs are hidden everywhere in your organization. Whether the costs are for commercial print, traditional business forms, direct mail, labeling or packaging, determining how much money and time your organization spends is a daunting challenge.

Common Hidden Printing Costs:

  • On average, for every $15 spent on printing, an additional $96 goes to ancillary activities, processing costs and the cost of obsolescence.
  • Gartner research has shown that most companies could reduce their printing costs by 10–30%.
  • While 90% of senior execs involved in print and document management agree that managing documents more efficiently throughout their lifecycle helps improve their overall business performance, only 12% of the surveyed executives rate their organization as highly effective in this practice.

Here’s Why It Matters

Utilizing a full-service print management company within your organization to strengthen your organization’s purchasing is critical in today’s business world. Ecommerce is changing the direction of how many organizations conduct business today. In order for your organization to keep pace with the competitors in your industry, it’s critical for the success of your business to become as efficient as possible in managing print and procurement related costs.

Advice From Steven Connelly

After just recently celebrating our 20th year in business, I’m still amazed at what we can do to an organization’s print budget by giving them the right tools and information. My company, Performance Group Inc. offers an online print management and procurement program that allows clients to manage the print process from start to finish -right from their desktop. Our online clients are now streamlining their ordering process, checking current inventory levels of critical products, instantly viewing proofs of jobs in production and checking the status of their orders online.

Our clients also receive valuable inventory usage reports that allow them to make butter buying decisions, helping to reduce print costs, eliminate costly rush orders, and virtually minimize expensive forms of obsolescence. We would like to help streamline your entire print management process, reduce procurement times and improve accuracy and consistency. When you’re ready to save money and sanity, please reach out.