How PrintLink Saves Your Business Time and Money

How PrintLink Saves Your Business Time and Money

Have you ever ran out of business cards right when you needed one most? How about received a box of printed marketing materials with an egregious error? In the past, businesses have been frustrated by a variety of inefficiencies in their printing and print management processes.

If you are one of these business owners that has been let down by poor organization and unpredictable service, say hello to PrintLink, an online print management tool that could become your business’s new best friend. Read on to learn how PrintLink can save your business time and money.

Advanced reporting.

PrintLink actually makes the process of ordering printed materials smarter each and every time you do it. That’s because the system keeps track of what you order, how much, and how often. Having those numbers available leads to smarter buying decisions and helps ensure that you never run out of an important item. If you would like to stop ordering reactively and start ordering proactively, saving time and money, PrintLink is the solution for you.

Complete visibility.

PrintLink provides you complete visibility into your orders and inventories so you always know what’s on hand and what’s on order. It also lets you preview your orders before they ship so if you have a new order and you want to make sure everything looks great before it shows up, you can do exactly that. With PrintLink, you’ll never receive a box of misprinted items like you may have before. All of this, without ever leaving the comfort of your computer!

All your needs in one place.

Perhaps the biggest reason our customers love PrintLink is that it simplifies the ordering process. Because, even if two different products are coming from two entirely different places, they are all managed in the same place. This means that you don’t need to waste your time making call after call to different businesses. Everything you need is right there, and if you ever have any questions, we are there for you.

Free storage.

Beyond utilizing the most advanced print management tool out there, our PrintLink customers also take advantage of free storage in our Omaha warehouse. That means that any print product you would like to print in bulk has a safe and convenient place to be stored until you need it.


If your business has considerable printing needs and you are not completely satisfied with your current situation, PrintLink could be the answer you are looking for. If you would like to learn more, click here to view a PrintLink demo. Do you have questions or want to get PrintLink for your business? Get in touch with us here.