5 Ways to Reduce Your Business Print Costs

5 Ways to Reduce Your Business Print Costs

Print costs are one of the most often overlooked line items when it comes to budgets. From our perspective this is a huge missed opportunity to cut costs by taking some really simple actions. Cutting costs doesn’t mean cutting corners, in fact, in the case of print management, it means increased organization and efficiency. Here’s how it’s done…

Order in Bulk
Bulk orders will often come with a significant discount, but you have to be smart about what you order in bulk. Consider the print items you’ve had to order more than a few times, items that are ever-green and you will need more of for the foreseeable future. There is no reason you shouldn’t be taking advantage of a bulk discount for these such items. I know what you’re thinking, where am I going to store 10,000 envelopes? That’s where our next point comes in…


Utilize Your Print Provider’s Storage

It’s not ultra common, but the (we’ll say it) better print management companies will offer storage for bulk orders. They’ll keep tabs on your inventory and let you know where you stand with each order from storage. Not every print management company will offer this, but it might be in your best interest to look around for one that does. If you decide to do so, ask if they’ll offer a discount for switching to them. It never hurts to ask!


Ask About Discounts

While we’re on the subject of discounts, check back with your print management company often to see if you qualify for any existing discounts, or if they’ve rolled some out recently that you can benefit from. For instance, Performance Group is currently offering 10% off the client’s next bill if they switch over to us. So, not only could you find a better price, you might be able to snag a discount on top of it. That’s worth a lunch from the boss for sure.


Go with One Provider Instead of Several

We’ve been throwing around the term “print management company” a lot. This is what we mean -a one stop shop for all of your print needs. As a company grows, they add departments and locations, and print management goes completely out the window. Find a provider that can supply all of your locations with all of their needs. Going this route means your organization has an actual relationship with your print management company. You will notice preferred treatment and pricing. They need your business just as much as you need the sanity that comes with partnering with a print management company.


Create and Manage a Print Budget

A one stop shop for print needs also means you can properly and easily define your print budget. Instead of dealing with hundreds of invoices from dozens of print suppliers, you have one central hub and one point of contact. Disjointed print management isn’t really management at all. In fact, it’s nearly impossible. This doesn’t mean that if store z has print needs but has exceeded their budget, they’ll get a “that’s too bad”. It means you’ll now be working with managers who are more thoughtful about their print management, and that results in savings.


Saving company resources by getting smart about your print management is truly one of the easier things you can take control of. If you’d like to know more about what these money-saving action items look like for your organization, we’d love to talk with you today.