Top Promotional Marketing Trends For 2016

Top Promotional Marketing Trends For 2016

top-promotional-marketing-trends-for-2016You might be thinking that potential customers have seen every promo item there is already, and might not notice anymore. Well, you’d be right and wrong. Yes, consumers have seen a plethora of promo pens, water bottles, and mouse pads. But, consumers still respond to promo items and 2016 proves there is a world of new promotions that companies are using. Below we’ll go over the biggest promo trends of the year and what specific products are hot in 2016.

Cheap, plastic products are out, and tech is in

screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-12-09-14-pmAnother way to put it – premium promo products make a lasting impression. Yes, there is still room for small items, but thinking to the future can set you apart for competitors. Virtual reality headsets, for example, have become a huge trend this year, with companies paying good money to get top-of-the-line goggles with their logo printed on them. To cash in on the trend without paying big bucks, however, there are plastic and cardboard virtual reality headsets for a more temporary presence. Other tech trends are wireless headphones, or speakers with Bluetooth technology.

Anything to improve your mobile device

Without a budget for smart, wearable tech, there are plenty of new products out there to support someone’s smart phone. Over the past several years, USB wall chargers or spare battery units have become popular. The change for 2016? It’s the “Year of More” – more USB ports, more charging power, more products to make your phone easier to use, safer to carry, and last longer for you. There are sleeves to hold your phone more easily for selfies, sticky grips to keep it from sliding around your dashboard, money clips to attach to the phone case, universal elastic armband jogging cases, and so many more.

Health-focused and eco-friendly products are good for your image

Be the business that makes people feel good about themselves, the planet, and your part in keeping it green. These trends fit any price point, as wearable exercise trackers are big this year, as are plastic shaker bottles, fruit infusers, smoothie bottles, etc. You want someone to come back from a long run, full of endorphins, and when they make themselves a protein shake, they see your logo on the bottle, to give them positive feelings toward your brand.

leather-stamping-logo-mockup-2-fullAnother way to accomplish that feeling of goodwill is to give out environmentally-friendly products like 100% recycled notebooks and pens. You might wonder how effective pens must be these days, and you would be surprised to know they are still the best bang for your marketing buck. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, 56% of U.S. consumers own logoed writing instruments, with Midwesterners owning the most at 68%! The same study calculated that that equals 1/10 of a cent per impression. Consider embossing your logo onto a paper product to give it a more tactile feel and subtle class that the consumer can appreciate using in her everyday life. These are called “soft-touch products” and are very “in” this year.

Consider a product that is inexpensive to manufacture, will create the eco-friendly image and could save your customers money when they shop. With more cities having people pay tax on plastic bags, consider adding your logo to a recycled cotton grocery bag, to save your customers five cents at the store.

It’s all about packaging

Not only can people buy whatever they want with the touch of a button on their phone, your competitors can, too; there is nothing stopping your biggest competitor from buying the same cardboard, eco-friendly pens as you. Using the same vendors, the way to stand out from the crowd is your packaging. The higher quality packaging will stand out the most and leave the longest-lasting impression.

Not only is this an opportunity to set your promo product apart from the competition, its also a way to tell your story. What do you want to get out of this promotion? More social media likes, more newsletter signups, more views to your website? Use the packaging as a call to action that can give you real results.

At Performance Group, we are always here to help make the best impression for your company. Give us a call today and we’ll help your business stand out in 2016.