Why Calendars Make Great Marketing

Why Calendars Make Great Marketing

With the year winding down, the holidays are right around the corner and… it’s calendar season! For businesses, it’s a great opportunity to provide a piece of custom printed marketing material that has a lasting impact on customers and prospects. For the rest of us, it’s time to get a new calendar (or two) and get ready for the new year ahead.

If you haven’t used calendars as marketing materials before, this blog is for you. We’re going to explore what makes calendars great marketing tools and let you know how Performance Group can help make developing the highest quality printed materials for your business an easy and stress-free process.

Calendars are tangible.

While you might look at the world and think that everything is becoming digital, you’d be ignoring an important truth. The rise of digital is arguably making print even more valued. People like having something they can hold on to. Unlike digital ads or experiences, a calendar doesn’t disappear after one viewing. In fact, it becomes a useful part of that person’s life. It gets hung up in their home or office and gets used daily for scheduling and reminders. This type of tangible usefulness is something you can’t get out of most marketing materials.

Calendars get a lot of use year after year.

Most people make heavy use of a calendar. And while many utilize digital calendars on their phone or computer, many people also still rely on a physical calendar for planning their activities. The advantage of using a calendar as a piece of marketing material is that, while it is useful, the person is likely to use it over and over again, maybe even every day.

Calendars provide a unique opportunity to get in front of your customers and prospects.

Calendars are great because they are useful and get used frequently, but they also provide a unique way to interact with your customers and prospects. One area of opportunity is the image. There are 13 large images in a calendar, including the cover, and choosing unique and colorful images can communicate a lot about your business. Another area is within the squares that represent each individual day. While the days will indicate holidays, you can also add other notes. Things like surprise discounts on specific days or simply a note like “Have a great day!” can make your calendar one your customer will come back to.

Performance Group makes print management easy.

Calendars aren’t the simplest piece of printed marketing material out there. In fact, they are quite complex. But with Performance Group’s advanced print management services, getting large orders of complex print products right is simple.

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