Why Catalogs Work Marketing Wonders

Why Catalogs Work Marketing Wonders

Have you ever wondered why, in the era where seemingly everything is becoming digital, we are still receiving catalogs at our homes and offices? The reason is simple: they work. If you’re looking for a new way to market your business or sell more products, the answer might be looking to the past. In this blog, we’ll discuss just a few of the reasons why catalogs may be the powerful marketing tool you are overlooking.

Catalogs influence people to buy.

People like catalogs because they are tangible, trustworthy items that you can hold and hang on to. You can pick it up, put it down, or come back to it later. Having this kind of reliability results in a trust between the person looking at that catalog and the company the catalog represents. Did you know that they actually have a stronger influence on buying decisions than websites or TV ads? 72% of people said that catalogs make them more interested in a retailer’s products, and 84% have purchased an item after seeing it in a catalog.

Catalogs launch multi-channel purchasing experiences.

You may not be placing your order from the catalog by phone the way you used to, but there’s a lot of evidence that catalogs are still the beginning of a whole lot of purchasing experiences, especially in the online arena. If you have an online store, a physical direct mail catalog is one of the most effective ways to get people in your virtual doors.

Catalogs evoke strong positive feelings.

Think about your favorite catalog when you were a child. Chances are you have a very specific and positive experience in mind. Most people do! The fact is that when we look at a catalog today, we are reliving those past positive experiences in some way. Those memories inspire people with possibilities and help provide an escape from daily stresses.

Catalogs enable greater tracking and measurable results.

As with all marketing, tracking activity and proving ROI can be a challenge. But with catalogs, it is possible to get a sense of which customers who receive the catalog are buying online or in person. Including coupon codes in your catalog is another great way to find out just how effective of a marketing tool it can be.

Everyone likes physical mail, especially millennials.

We’ve said this before but we’re not afraid to say it again. People like something they can hold onto. Digital ads are fleeting and do not inspire confidence the way that physical, direct mail does. And believe it or not? Millennials, digital natives though they may be, are big proponents of physical mail. In fact, a study by USPS says that 81% of people take the time to look through the mail each day and 67% of people look forward to it!


Is it time for you to rethink your position on catalogs? For a huge variety of applications and audiences, catalogs can be incredibly effective marketing tools. If you would like to learn more about how Performance Group can help you create an outstanding catalog and reach more customers, get in touch with us today.